A new law will bring changes as to where you can legally vape. If you vape make sure you know the new law before you get a ticket in 2024, here are the details...

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You will no longer be able to legally vape indoors in public places in Illinois starting January 1st, 2024 according to mystateline.com. In an article on mystateline.com, they say...

"Those vaping indoors in a public place in Illinois could face up to a $250 fine...banning the use of e-cigarettes anywhere smoking is already prohibited...According to the governor’s office, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and aerosolized components that can lead to lung damage over time and says secondhand vapor can transmit the same effects to passersby."

To read more about the new vaping law taking effect in 2024, click here!

Is this law necessary?

The article goes on to mention while vapes and E-cigarettes don't release the annoying smoke of regular cigarettes, the vapor released can contain harmful metals that can cause damage to anyone who inhales it. If that is true, then this law is completely necessary, in my opinion. You can't stop someone from smoking or vaping outside or on their private property, that would be un-American, in my opinion, but if they are inside a public place, they should not be allowed to possibly harm their fellow citizens with secondhand vapors. Also, how many times have you been at the airport or in Walmart and see people vaping, and you think to yourself, is that reallllyyyyy necessary? Well, they won't be able to do it any longer in the Land of Lincoln.

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