There are a LOT of things you could highlight in a tourism video to promote Illinois and make people want to come to visit the Land of Lincoln. So why is the state spending money promoting this...?

According to an article from, the Illinois Office of Tourism has decided they want to spend money on a new video series that will promote "real people, real stories, real outdoors."

In the article, they say, "The series...aims to capture genuine experiences of Illinois residents and visitors exploring the outdoors, while highlighting the state’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures.Home to 70 state parks and recreation areas, 2,900 lakes and seven national scenic byways, there is no shortage of outdoor adventure in Illinois." The article goes on to mention how this new outdoor content series will be available to view on the state tourism social media channels, and will be promoted overseas in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and more, to read the complete article for yourself, click here! 

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Does this make sense?

We all get it, Illinois is NOT JUST Chicago..but...come on. The bread and butter of the tourism industry in this state is CHICAGO! If you want to promote outdoor adventures in Illinois to people in Chicago, as well as some neighboring states that makes sense. But why waste time, money, and resources trying to convince people from Australia (where they have spiders the size of your head) to come to enjoy the great outdoors of Illinois??? It doesn't make much sense to me...

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