The numbers are alarming, parts of the state of Illinois that need teachers can't even get people to apply for jobs. Here are the details...

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According to an article from 25 News Now, the state of Illinois is facing a teacher shortage crisis. Rural parts of the state are struggling to get teachers to even apply for their open jobs. In the article, they say...

"Illinois school districts posted 6,524 teacher positions. A quarter of those went unfilled or were filled with a less-than-qualified hire"

Even more concerning is the need for special education teachers, the article says...

"Out of the 1,410 special education positions in the IARSS shortage study, over 60% remained open or underfilled."

The article goes on to mention that if you are a student going to school for teaching you should get certified in multiple areas to be able to fill open jobs, for more information click here!

What can be done?

I do believe that part of the solution is to make sure the next generation of students in college, for education, have the certifications needed to be able to be qualified for different roles. But this problem goes all the way up the food chain here in the land of Lincoln, we are losing people, and when you lose people in your state this is what happens. Population loss puts strain on every institution and it is how we end up with horror stories like the one mentioned in the article where NO ONE applied for a job within a year of the job being posted. The state needs to become more desirable for people to live, point blank, that is the best way to solve issues like this.

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