If you are a child in Illinois and your parents start marking money as an Influencer on a social media site, your "cut" is now being protected from your parents. Is this law good that the Land of Lincoln has passed?

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According to People Magazine, Illinois passed a first-of-its-kind law that protects children who are influencers from their parents. It mirrors a law in California and will not be official until July 2024, so what exactly is it? On People, they say...

"The law will now allow teenagers over the age of 18 to take legal action against their parents if they were not properly compensated for being featured in monetized social media videos, as reported by CNN. Beginning in July 2024, parents in the state will have to put half of earnings from a piece of content into a blocked trust fund. This is based on the percentage of time the child is featured in the content, so if a child is in 100% of a video, they should receive 50% of the funds."

If you are making money as an influencer, and you're making content that features your children, your children can now legally sue you for damages if you don't set aside portions of the earnings for them to have access to once they become adults. To read more about it click here!

This is where we are in 2023 in America... We need to create laws to make sure that if parents are using their kids to make money in videos, photos, and more on social media, the kids get a cut of that money. Try explaining that to someone 30 years ago... I do think this is smart in a way because it will make adults think twice before they just use their families for "content" in the money grab that is social media. But overall, if you are a good parent, have a great relationship with your kids, and use that money wisely, I can't imagine your kids wanting to sue you for damages, right?

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