The leaders of the Land of Lincoln have voted to approve a new law that will affect what you can and can't do while driving, and it will officially become law at the start of 2024, here are the details...

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According to, you will no longer be able to Zoom and Drive in the state of Illinois starting January 2024. What exactly does that mean you can't zoom and drive? On, they say...

"Provides that a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device, including using an electronic communication device to participate in any video conferencing application or to access any social media site."

For more information on this new law click here!

I feel like this is something we didn't NEED a law for right? Like who is honestly taking a Zoom call, or a Teams call, or whatever platform you use call while driving? If I was on a call with someone and they were driving I would be like "ummm pick one thing or the other, hang up the call, or pull over!" But maybe there are enough people who are doing this to where the police officers and local police departments are dealing with it enough to have to create a law outlawing it. Also, while it doesn't go into effect until 2024, I wouldn't suggest doing this tomorrow and trying to get away with it just because it isn't illegal yet. You should never drive distracted and if you are trying to be on a video Zoom call while driving then that is definitely distracted driving.

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