Last week, news broke that Prospect League baseball would be returning to Hannibal in the 2018 season. That same announcement came with the news that they would not be returning as the Hannibal Cavemen, but with a new name entirely. So that got me thinking. What would be a good new name for the Hannibal team? Something that represents Hannibal. Something that encompasses what it is to be Hannibal. Something that represents the town, the team and the people. I offered up a few suggestions, and you guys wrote in a few of your own.

Baseball Team Poll Results

I was surprised the Huckleberries walked away with that win. River Rats held a commanding lead for a while. The "Other" category had few viable suggestions, but there was a recurring theme of "Steam." There was "Steams," "Steamers," and "Steamboats." And I did like the suggestion of the "Batz," to tie it to the bats in the cave. And double meaning of baseball bats, obviously. The results got me further thinking about what the jerseys would look up. Check out our slideshow of possible names below.

Hannibal Courier-Post is also running a "Dub The Club" contest where you can submit your name suggestion. (Note: While our little poll here was strictly for fun, the top submission in the HCP promotion will actually be the new team take it seriously!) As "Hannibal Huckleberries" was our top vote-getter, it's going in the suggestion box.

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