It's Pets in the Park Night at Clemens Field on Friday, the perfect opportunity for your dog to take in a ball game, maybe have a delicious brat from the concession stand. And it's all to support the Northeast Missouri Humane Society!

The Hannibal Hoots have partnered with NEMO Humane Society and Bleigh Ready Mix for a Black Out Night Event at Clemens Field. Pre-game will feature a pet parade where you can meet the shelter team, which I can assume are dogs in adorably tiny baseball uniforms. The purchase of Black Out Night ticket packages, five tickets for $35 benefits the sheltered animals at NEMO Humane society, and you get a free t-shirt with the package. You can get the Black Out Night ticket packages at the Hannibal Hoots site.

This Friday's game will see the Hoots hosting the Terre Haute Rex. Sidenote: Rex is a pretty standard dog name, so that's pretty much perfect. I'd like to say I hope it goes better than this pet night at a Double-A minor league game last week, but let's face it, we're all hoping that's exactly what happens.

As a further sidenote, since Prospect League is a collegiate league, I assume they are governed by the same rules as NCAA baseball. I checked the rule book, there's nothing in there that says dogs CAN'T play baseball, or that the players have to be humans, so depending on the amount of injuries, we could have a real Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch situation on our hands.

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