It's been nine months since it was officially announced that the Hannibal Cavemen would suspend their 2017 Prospect League Baseball season. In the original press release regarding the suspension of operations, both "the DuPage Drones (Lisle, Ill.) and Hannibal Cavemen (Hannibal, Mo.) franchises have elected to suspend operations for the 2017 season. Both franchises are expected to resume operations and begin playing again starting with the 2018 season at locations to be determined." Fortunately that location is right back at Clemens field. Unfortunately, they will not be under the name "Cavemen."

Clemens Field Management president Rick DeStefane suggested in a Hannibal Courier-Post article that he's offered up River Rats, Hell Cats and Chuckleheads as potential names. Right off the bat (no pun intended), I'm crossing off Chuckleheads. That's a bad name. River Rats and Hell Cats are solid, though. But I brainstormed a few possibles that could really capture the spirit of Hannibal.


New York Jets, LA Clippers, Houston Rockets, all named after modes of transportation. There's precedent.


Photo - Kurt Parsons

Going for a literary reference on this one, but it works. Hannibal is drenched in Mark Twain, so why not follow the Baltimore Ravens lead and highlight the town's contribution to literature (Ravens of course named after Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven). Alternately, we could also go for the SAWYERS or the FROGS.


Topical Press Agency/Stringer/Getty Images

Give the team the same nickname given to one the town's most famous residents, the Unsinkable Molly Brown, famed survivor of the Titanic. Though it was pointed out that the name would become disasterously ironic should the field flood again. But the name does become a poetic metaphor of the team returning. You can shut it down, but not for good. It's unsinkable..... TA DA! Thank you, I'll be here all week, be sure and tip your waitress.

Of course this torpedoes my idea of turning the stadium into a music venue. But I don't even care. Baseball's coming back!

What do you think? What should we name the team? Do you like any of the suggestions, or do you have one of your own? Sound off below!