There is an organization that grades every state's gun laws each year, and in 2023 Missouri received an F grade. Why did it receive an F, and does that worry you? Here are the details...

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According to the Giffards Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence annual Gun Law Scorecard, Missouri was one of over 20 plus states to receive an F grade, the most popular grade on the Gun Law Scorecard was an F. Some of the other states with an F grade include, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Iowa, Indiana, and North Dakota, why did Missouri get an F grade? On the site they say...

"Throughout the year, our legal experts track and analyze gun legislation in all 50 states, assigning laws and policies point values based on their respective strengths or weaknesses. States are ranked and given letter grades, which are then compared to the most recent gun death rates released by the CDC."

Missouri ranks 9th for Gun Death Rate, and 9th for Gun Death Rate per capita. Missouri is ranked 47th for its gun law strength, which is only ahead of Arkansas, Wyoming, and Idaho. There were 2 states that got an A grade California and New Jersey, 6 states received an A- grade, Connecticut, New York, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Illinois. To see the complete Gun Law Scorecard click here! 

This grade is clearly coming from the perspective of an organization that wants stronger gun laws, if this was the Gun Law Scorecard from the NRA or another pro-gun organization Missouri would be one of the 20-plus states with an A grade. I say that to say this if you are someone who may want to move to a more pro-gun state or may want to move to a more anti-gun state, this grade scorecard can provide you with a good list of options for you.

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