One of the things I absolutely 100% love about Quincy is we still have a video store. Sure Netflix and Hulu and Amazon and Filmstruck and Shutterbox are all great streaming options. But there's something about going to the video store and just browsing the aisles for a movie. About bringing home a physical copy. I've been known to spend over an hour in the video store. I've written about the merits of the video store before.

And we can add yet another check to the Pros column on Family Video vs streaming sites. They're giving your kids free rentals for getting good grades! Bring their report cards to Family Video and for every A grade, they'll get a free rental. And there's been a few kids movies released recently. Just this week saw A Wrinkle In Time, last month was Peter Rabbit. Next week we'll get Sherlock Gnomes. And of course they have a huge selection of classics like Lion King, Fantasia and Happy Scrappy Hero Pup.

Perfect way to foster your kid's love of learning and love of cinema.

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