If you were waiting to head to family Video to take advantage of the going out of businesses sale, time is running out.

Family Video will close their doors for good on Wednesday, February 17. There are still some items left from the sale that you could take advantage of today and tomorrow. All movies, TV series, and video games are only $1 each, and everything has to go. Plus, there is still some shelving, display cubes, empty display cases, mini fridge, and more. There are also still some cell phone accessories left for buy one get one free. The sale will still go on through Wednesday the 17 from 12 pm - 8 pm, you are asked to wear a mask when entering the store.

It was announced back in early January that all the last standing video stores will be closing in 2021. It marked a sad day for all of us who (before streaming and videos on demand) rented videos and games. Wth many people moving towards streaming services and other ways to consume media (especially last year during the stay-at-home-order) the last standing video store just couldn't bounce back from taking that hard of a hit.

I will miss being able to rent videos, and having the girls pick our free kid videos. But to be honest, I have not been to a video rental place in a while, its just to convenient to stay at home and hit a "purchase" button from my couch. I know I am part of the problem, but I am still sad to see this go.

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The good news also, the building already has plans for a new business to be located there. Stayed tuned for more information on that. So, say your goodbyes, buy something as we are getting ready to close a BIG chapter in the way we consumed movies and video games.

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