Starting Friday (5/15) get FREE fries at McDonald's here is how it all works...

McDonald's is stepping up to make our Friday's a little more special by turning Friday's in FREE Fry Friday's starting this Friday (5/15) and going all the way through the end of June.Sadly no you can't just go through the drive-thru on Friday and pick up a free medium fry, but don't fear the process is actually simple! So what you need to do if you haven't already is download the free McDonald's app for your smartphone or tablet, then on Friday's (from tomorrow through Friday, June 26th) make an order on your McDonald's app of at least one dollar, then you'll be eligible to add on the medium french fry free of cost.

For full details and a link to download the McDonald's app so you can participate in Free Fry Friday's go to McDonald's website by clicking here!

I use to think it was such a hassle to have to use any sort of apps for ordering food, yes I am a millennial but I have never been a huge technology fan, I always preferred just using a coupon in person or being able to order over the phone actually talking to another person. But due to COVID-19 I have been using the apps to order tons of food because of all the free deals (like free fry Friday's) and I gotta be honest it is super simple and easy to use. I will always prefer being able to speak to people and connect in that way but with how simple these food ordering apps make life I definitely will keep using them post quarantine.

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