Keystone Light wants to pay your rent in the month of July! Here is how to register...

Coronavirus has really put many Americans into financial hardships, with record unemployment numbers it has forced many of us (myself included) to pinch pennies. Well Keystone Light, a beer under the Molson Coors company, wants to help you with a big monthly financial burden by paying your rent in the month of July! Molson Coors posted about this contest a short while ago on their Facebook page saying...

"One less rent payment would be pretty great, right? Keystone Light wants to make it happen for 25 lucky winners. Just visit and enter the keyword “Keystone” for your chance to win."

To enter the contest click here!

To see the entire post from the Molson Coors Facebook page click here!

It really is very simple and takes less than a minute to enter! I entered and they ask basically for your name, number, email, and your address. Now they say in the fine print that they will cover up to $1250.00 worth of rent for the month of July for their 25 lucky winners, which is fine by me considering that would cover my rent for two months! I love seeing contests like this come from these big corporations, people are really struggling right now and paying someones rent for a month is a big deal, I know many people could benefit greatly from rent free month. It would be really awesome if one of our listeners won, so good luck to everyone who enters!

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