There are smartwatches, smart cars, and smart homes, but when you go to a grocery store you might soon see smart carts.

What are Smart Carts?

Smart carts are a way to eliminate going to a checkout line whether you use a self-checkout or a store employee. The carts have sensors (cameras, weight scales, and barcode scanners, that allow you to scan as you go through the store. So basically you grab your item scan the code and place the item in your cart.

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Before you ever start this process you are asked to enter your credit/debit card information, and rewards if the store you visit has a rewards program, and then you re off an shopping.

Smart Carts Coming to Missouri

A major grocery chain in the St. Louis area (Schnucks) is testing these carts to see how well customers like them and how easy they are to use. I fear that if these become more and more popular we might see these smart carts go nationwide.

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I see so many problems with these carts. Even though they have cameras on them what's to see parents getting distracted from something kids putting items in the cart without scanning, or people stealing more items? That's the whole reason why some of the major chains like Walmart, Target, and major grocery chains are removing self-checkouts the amount of food and items being stolen has skyrocketed.

We will see how far these testing carts go, but just be ready for them to come to the Tri-States soon.

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