When it comes to going grocery shopping we are all trying to pinch our pennies. One of the cheapest places to do that is a grocery store with several locations in the Show-Me State, including one located in Hannibal.

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A new study released the cheapest grocery store in the nation and Aldi tops the list as one of the cheapest. US News says,

ALDI is a discount grocery store with German roots dating back to 1961. Over the past 50+ years, however, the company opened more than 2,000 stores across 39 U.S. states. It aims to offer a no-frills shopping experience with hand-selected, high-quality products and low prices.

What makes Aldi the Cheapest?

One of the biggest things that the grocery chain does best is that you get quality for less. Sure, you may not get the name brands you know and love, but really it all tastes the same. In years Aldi's has grown in popularity because of the prices they can offer their customers.

90% of the people surveyed said that Aldi is their grocery store of choice. With over 2,000 stores in the nation (including 1 in Hannibal and 1 in Quincy) the chain is located in 39 states and growing more and more.

Cheapest Stores

Other stores making the list include Costco, Grocery Outlet (only in 8 states), Market Basket (East Coast stores), and WinCo Foods. If you're looking to save I would suggest going to Aldi's. It's one of my favorite stores to get snacks, veggies, and frozen goods.

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