A mall that has been a staple in the Chesterfield area received its final date of when it will permanently close.

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Back in September, it was announced that the Chesterfield Mall in Chesterfield, Missouri would close and be turned into additional apartments, restaurants, and retail stores. Well, it seems that that project is moving forward and fast. The Chesfterifls Mall will permanently close as of August 31.

Igor Karimov 🇺🇦 on Unsplash
Igor Karimov 🇺🇦 on Unsplash

According to KSDK in St. Louis, the last tenants have been notified of the date and are to be complete moved out by August 31. Additionally, starting in the fall construction/demolition could be underway to start the $2 billion project.

Most of the tentate have moved out already, there are just a handful left including the Cheesecake Factory restaurants, a records and music store. The good news, Dillards seems to be staying as the development of the new construction will work around Dillards. When I visited the mall a while back there wasn't much left except for a few people playing pickleball.

Chesterfield Mall History

The Chesterfield Mall first opened in 1976 and had a few anchor stores including Sears. In 1978 the cinema joined the mall and through the years more and more stores joined. There was once a Ferris Wheel in the middle part of the main mall. Starting in the early 2000's the cinema closed, anchor stores started closing, and the once-popular America-Girl Doll Store closed their doors after only being there a few years.

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