I've been there a small crack in your car windshield and you think it's fine. Then all of a sudden it turns into a massive crack and the entire windshield is cracked. So can you legally drive your car that way in Missouri?

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The answer is simple.


According to Crack Windshield Laws, Missouri has some of the strictest laws in the nation, and there's more than one law pertaining to cracked windshields.

  • Windshields can not be shattered or have missing pieces
  • Half-moon and bullseyes crack are not allowed
  • Cracks can not interfere with the wipers
  • Chips can't be any larger than 2 diameters in length
  • Cracks can't be any longer than 3 inches

The one that really surprised me and I feel like this is the most popular type of crack/chip is the star crack. Which is the Show-Me State is not permitted. I feel like that is the most popular type of crack/chip a windshield can have. Basically, anything is illegal and you will want to get the problem fixed as soon as you can. These are the state laws for Missouri there are also Federal Laws to know of.

Federal regulations require drivers to have a clear vision of the road. Windshield cracks or chips smaller than ¾-inch in diameter are permitted if they are not located within 3″ of another crack.

When in doubt just get the windshield fixed as soon as you can.

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