Let's trash talk!

Trash is trash, right? Why would it matter if someone puts trash in your dumpsters? Well, if you pay for that dumpster and find that someone is using yours for free that might anger you. Well, if you catch the person using your trash dumpster it could lead to a fine in Missouri.

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I never think too much about it, but after doing some research I can see why this would anger some people. You pay for your trash dumpster each month and then you find that someone else is using it without your permission. Ya, I would be angry too. So, is it illegal to throw trash away in someone else's dumpster? Yes, according to disposalnj.com

Dumping trash in dumpsters or containers placed on private property is illegal unless the owner permits them to do so.

So, if you find that your trash has a few more bags in your dumpster then before know that it is illegal for people to use your dumpster unless you give permission. What i suggest, get some security cameras or some sort of system where you can catch this individual especially if it is a continuous problem.

Also, if you own a business and find that there's more trash than normal it's illegal for people to throw their trash in those dumpsters as well.

This includes but not limited to dumpsters placed next to stores, commercial businesses, construction sites, roll-offs or carts at homes, and other kinds of garbage receptacles on private property.

To be safe, unless you have permission just get your own dumpster to avoid any fines you could get for illegal dumping.

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