There is deer hunting, dove, and duck hunting which are all legal in Missouri (with some rules to abide). However, there are several animals that are protective and can't be killed, sort of.

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Can you kill a coyote, raccoon, or wild animal just for fun in Missouri? The answer is a bit complicated so I will do my best to try and lay it out for you. The easy answer, Yes and no. If an animal is protected by the Missouri Department of Conservation and poses no threat to you in any harmful way then it is against the law to kill it. Now, if the wild animal poses a threat to your life or those near you and you feel in danger and you have no choice then and only then is it ok to shoot and kill the animal.

Endangered species may be subject to special protections under federal law. If you believe an animal which may be endangered is damaging your property, you should contact a Missouri Department of Conservation Officer for instructions on how to proceed. If all else fails, the Wildlife Code of Missouri includes a “trump” rule that allows landowners to protect their property by trapping or shooting some species of wildlife where local ordinances don’t prohibit these methods.

So what animals are considered dangerous in Missouri?

  • lion
  • tiger
  • leopard
  • mountain lion
  • bobcat
  • wolf
  • bear
  • coyote
  • any deadly, dangerous, or poisonous reptile
  • any deadly or dangerous reptile over eight feet long

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My advice, run! When you see any of these animals just run and go the other way. If your spidey sense goes off and you know that you're in trouble, just run the other way. My whole thing is, what if you're out for a walk/run and you see one of these animals what are you supposed to use to kill or harm it? Again, run!

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