If Senate Bill 3219 passes into law here in the Land of Lincoln, the impacts of this bill would have major ramifications for Farmers. What exactly are lawmakers trying to do, and will it work? Here are the details...

According to an article from The State Journal-Register, lawmakers in the state of Illinois are trying to help farmers and rural communities that don't have easy access to fresh food all in one bill.

The bill is Senate Bill 3219, and the goal of the bill is to give grants to farmer-owned grocery stores, farmers could make improvements to their grocery stores, expand their stores, and maybe even start up their own grocery stores with this grant money. The goal of this would be to help farmers sell their products while also giving people in rural areas who live by these farms access to fresh goods. For more information on this proposed law, click here!

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Will this work?

I have no idea if it will work, but it sounds like it could work, and it feels like an idea worthy of trying. The government needs to help make life easier for farmers, not harder, and if they can give farmers grant money to build, expand, or update, their own grocery stores that seems like it will make life easier for the farmers and I support that. Buying produce straight from the farmers is great for us consumers too because you cut out the middle man (aka high grocery store prices), and you are directly supporting farmers, it is such a win-win.

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