Ever go to the grocery store and see something you haven't had before and just wonder what it tastes like? Well, the answers are a bit complicated.

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Free samples aside, there have been times when I am grocery shopping and wonder what those chips taste like or some other food. I am sure you've been in these scenarios too. So, can you open up that bag before you buy it? Yes and no. According to findlaw.com, if you open a bag of chips and at the end of your shopping pay for them then yes you can eat before you buy. However, if you open the bag and leave without paying well that's shoplifting my friends.

In other words, you need to have committed the act of taking the item and have the intention of evading the checkout counter in order to be found guilty of shoplifting, according to the law.

So, like I mentioned it's a yes and no type of law. If you open the bag, eat the contents, and pay then you're good. If you open the bag and walk out then you're shoplifting.

What are the Consequences?

Well, findlaw.com says,

Still, if no store employee, loss-prevention officer, or cashier calls you out on your unauthorized (and unpaid-for) snacking, you probably won't be prosecuted. You'll just have to deal with the guilt of knowing what you've done.

Just do the right thing and if you open the bag or eat a few grapes just be the good person I know we all can be and pay for your items.

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