With the impending snow the Tri-States is about to get this week and maybe weekend, have you ever thought about using chains on your tires?

We have been fortunate the past year about not having too much snow to worry about, but it seems our luck is about to run out. For those of you who live out on country roads, the snow drifting may get to where your car might need a little help navigating the snow. So, is it illegal in Missouri to use snow chains on your car?

it’s completely legal to use chains and studded tires for snow in Missouri. However, they should only be utilized when necessary due to hazardous conditions, and should not cause any damage to road surfaces due to lack of snow and ice on the ground.

Missouri is one of six states that do not have a specific chain law. So when should you use chains? You will need to know if your tires are specialties with studs to help in wintery conditions.

For comparison, studded tires can conquer the worst winter conditions for which their non-studded counterparts may fall flat. However, they damage pavement and are costly to purchase and install.

So it looks like you will have to make a little investment not only in buying the chains for your tires but also in making sure that you have the tires fit for chains. Even at that, chains can damage the tire, so my suggestion is before you invest in chains do your research, talk to your tire guy, and make sure that you NEED them for your vehicle.

I'll just stick to my All-Wheel Drive and save a little.

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