Speakeasies were the places to be 100 years ago during prohibition, some are still thriving including one here in the Land of Lincoln!

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According to the experts at Yelp, Chicago's Brando's Speakeasy is the best in the Land of Lincoln. Yelp released a list of the best speakeasies in every state, and Brando's Speakeasy was chosen to represent Illinois. On the site, Yelp says this about speakeasies...

"Special passwords, clandestine entrances, surprising locations and delicious cocktails served in fancy glasses kissed by the spirits of flappers… sounds like the perfect date night."

So what makes Brando's Speakeasy in Chicago deserving of this honor? On Yelp, they say...

"We are Chicago’s favorite Karaoke Lounge! Chicago’s staple for karaoke and cocktails since 2007, we are perfect for any gathering where you are looking for a fun, lighthearted time. Our karaoke bar is Chicago’s best kept secret – a vintage Chicago tavern with on demand karaoke, small bites and house crafted cocktails. Adjacent to the karaoke room in the Loop is our cocktail lounge, perfect for those seeking a calmer, karaoke free environment. Sing out loud in our karaoke bar or kick back in the cocktail lounge and enjoy the show."

Brando's Speakeasy has a website, and the menu includes all the types of drinks you'd expect while sneaking away at a speakeasy, like different types of Old Fashions, Cocktails that are just referred to by a number and not a name, wine, beer, and of course happy hour specials! To learn more about Brando's Speakeasy in Chicago and to see the menu for yourself, click here!

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