Saying goodbye to loved ones when heading to college is hard, but having to say good0bye to your four-legged friend is harder.

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That was such the case with one black lab who didn't want to say goodbye to his owner as she headed back to school he jumped in her car and wanted to go with her. You can see the sadness in the pup's face when he was told that he couldn't go to college with her and that they had to get out of the car. Get your tissues out, this one is a tear-jerker.

I mean c'mon, I am sure that you could sneak that pup in your dorm room. This is the look my pups give me when I leave for the day, but the pure joy of the faces (and them wagging their tails) is worth seeing them when I come home. Especially if the day was a hard one, and I am sure this dog owner feels the same way when she comes back home from school to visit, The pure joy that is on the puppers face.

This dog just does not want any part of his owner leaving and just refuses to sit there with a puppy dog face on, and it's kinda working for me. We don't see how the owner got the dog out of the car, but I am sure it was just as hard for her to leave as it was for the dog not to be able to go with her to college.

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