When I was a girl I remember going into the city and getting one of the best hot dogs at a sidewalk vendor you can have. I haven't been back to NYC in a very long time, but that will always stay with me. So, trying to find the best hot dog restaurant/place in every state, to me, might be difficult. However, one website thinks that have found them.

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Chicago Hot Dogs are good, don't get me wrong, but you have to grow up having them all your life to appreciate their taste. I'm not a giant fan of them, but the one place you can get the best of the best when it comes to hot dogs is in Chicago at a restaurant called The Wiener's Circle. According to 247 Wallst,

This Lincoln Park institution is known for two things: its franks (especially the char-grilled “Char-dogs,” with all the classic Chicago condiments) and its longtime tradition of encouraging name-calling and other verbal abuse between staff and customers, especially in the evenings. If the mutual insults don’t chase you away, you’ll find the dogs hard to beat.

If you like getting verbally abused when ordering or eating then I guess this is the spot for you. They must be doing something right cause the restaurant has been in business for 40 years serving up Char Dogs and Cheddar Fries. Now, they do have more things than hot dogs. They also serve up hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie options, and more. You just need to know how to order and have thick skin. Good luck!

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