Whether we travel over the river and through the woods, we stay home, go to our favorite restaurant or head for the Salvation Army, millions of us will be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner will all the trimmings in the next couple of weeks.

We could all recite together the dishes we see in a typical Turkey Day spread. Which begs the question - are there any elements of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner you just can't stand?

In October, the grocery delivery platform Instacart, along with The Harris Poll, took a survey of 5,000 American adults, asking them to name their least favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish.

The most disliked parts of the feast were

1. Candied yams

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2. Green Bean Casserole (I would disagree with this)

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3. Cranberry Sauce (it can depend on whether it's homemade or served in the shape of the can it came in)


4. Sweet Potato Casserole (and the difference between this and candied yams is ...?)



5. Stuffing


6. Salad (put too much of that on your plate, it crowds out the good stuff)

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7. Mashed Potatoes (to me, it depends on whether they're real or instant)


8. Dinner Rolls (I know for some, you can't have a meal without bread, but I can take 'em or leave 'em)


In another survey, this one by The Daring Kitchen,com, they reported on diners' least favorite Thanksgiving side dish, state by state. The survey found that Missouri, Illinois and Iowa diners agreed that Green Bean Casserole was their least favorite.

So, what say you? What part of the Thanksgiving feast can you do without?

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