The Show-Me State has a lot to offer in food, entertainment, sports, and state parks. However, there are a few towns you might just want to skip over when planning a vacation or day trip.

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There is a certain list that any town just doesn't want to be on and this is it. Moneyinc put together a list of the 20 towns in Missouri that are just plain the worst of the worst. The website looks at several key factors to make this list including crime, employment not, education, and tourist attractions. Some of these, I agree with, but other towns I can see why they landed on this list.

  • 20 - Normandy
  • 19 - Berkley
  • 18 - Sullivan
  • 17 - Caruthersville
  • 16 - De Soto
  • 15 - Branson
  • 14 - Jennings
  • 13 - Park Hill
  • 12 - Kansas City
  • 11 - Aurora
  • 10 - Kennett
  • 9 - Lebanon
  • 8 - Vinita Park
  • 7 - Centreville
  • 6 - Venice
  • 5 - Popular Bluff
  • 4 - Washington Park
  • 3 - Madison
  • 2 - Springfield
  • 1 - St. Louis

Shocking to me is Branson coming in at 15 due to a high crime rate, Springfield takes the number 2 spot and St. Louis comes in at number 1. According to,

St Louis isn’t just the worst places to live in Missouri, it’s one of the very worst places to live in the entire US.

Seems like big cities always make this list which I don't get I love going to all the cities in every state. You just have to know where to go. If you live in these towns I am sure that there are lots of things to love about each and everyone, but I guess some towns have to make a list like this glad no Tri-State town is on it.

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