Dick's Sporting Goods has announced that they will be removing guns from 125 of their stores nationwide. After last year's Parkland shooting in Florida Dick's Sporting Goods banned assault style weapons from their stores. This new removal of guns will begin in August of 2019, and this new move comes as gun sales in their stores have reportedly been dropping. The company has not yet announced which stores will be the 125 that will be cutting guns from their sale floors. There are 729 Dick's Sporting Goods in the United States, so by the end of this year 125 of the 729 stores will carry no firearms.

This news does not come as a shock to me. Especially after we learned that the Parkland shooter last year bought the guns he used in that massacre from a Dick's Sporting Goods. My guess would be that the 125 stores that will be getting rid of guns totally will be the stores where gun sales are falling the most. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the Dick's Sporting Goods in Illinois are in that 125 group of stores because of our new gun laws under Governor Pritzker.

We will be sure to check back in on this story when we know which stores will be affected.

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