Is it just me, or has the world officially lost its collective marbles? Each previous generation has always said the "new" generation is less respectful and more immoral than theirs was. Every year... heck every day... someone does something new that would have never crossed anyone's mind any time before. Some of it is for shock value, but a lot of it is just pure madness.

Matthew Lloyd, Getty Images
Matthew Lloyd, Getty Images

Take, for instance, a story we talked about on the morning show today. It's the story of Mary Francis Almay, 61, of Crawfordsville Florida. Ms. Almay wanted to use a coupon in the checkout of her local Wal-Mart last week. When the coupon wasn't accepted for whatever reason... probably for being out of date or for another store or product... Crazy Mary decided it was perfectly acceptable to yell at the cashier and hit the assistant manager with her shopping cart.

But she didn't stop there. Apparently she hadn't made a big enough scene even after being escorted out of the store so... like Crazy Mary will do... she went to her car and came back into the store brandishing a gun. Luckily, Crazy Mary didn't hurt or kill anyone with it. She simply scared everyone good, then went back to her car and drove away.

Was she really done with her outburst though? Of course not. When police pulled her over a short time later she refused arrest by hitting the police officer several times until he had to tase her. As you can imagine Crazy Mary has several charges pending against her.

What possesses a human being to act this way? How does your day get that bad? How does your life get that bad without seeking professional help at some point? How is saving 20 cents on chunk light tuna worth going to jail over?

I have a lot of questions but no answers. I just hope her bread and water in jail is done to her liking and I hope for all of our sake she gets a chance to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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