Six Flags Great America in northern Illinois is closing multiple rides, but that doesn't mean that the theme park is struggling, in fact, it means the opposite in this case! Here are the details...

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According to NBC Chicago, Six Flags Great America in suburban Chicago is closing two rides with the intention to expand the park! So which rides are closing, and what is the expansion look like? On NBC Chicago, they say...

"The popular amusement park revealed this week that two "favorites," the Mardi Gras Hangover and the Revolution, will both be closing...Both rides will operate for the last time on Oct. 29, with this weekend being the last opportunity to ride them...Six Flags told NBC Chicago in a statement. "In the near future, we're excited to be introducing Sky Striker in 2024.""

The article does mention that Mardi Gras Hangover debuted back in 2018, which is fairly new, and it was the 16th coaster in the park when it debuted.

So what is Sky Striker? According to this YouTube video (check it out below) it is the tallest pendulum thrill ride in the Midwest and will debut in spring of 2024.

Woah...that thing looks intense! I will say that I love a trip to Six Flags, they have a bunch of great rides, and if you haven't been to Six Flags Great America maybe you should think about taking a trip in the spring or summer of 2024 with the new ride debuting! In the meantime, let's say goodbye to Mardi Gras Hangover with this YouTube video...

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