It's simple, if you love roller coasters there are very few places in the world better than the largest theme park in Illinois, the amount of coasters is insane...

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Get our free mobile app made a list of the theme parks in the world with the most roller coasters and Six Flags Great America in the suburbs of Chicago makes the list at number 5. Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL is tied for 5th place for a theme park with the most roller coasters in the world, it has 15 coasters, which ties it with Weiner Prater in Germany. Six Flags Magic Mountain in California has the most with 20 followed by Energylandia in Poland with 19, Canada's Wonderland with 17, and Cedar Point in Ohio with 16. In the article, they say this about Six Flags Great America...

"Highlights include Goliath, which earned the distinction of being the world's fastest, tallest, and steepest wooden coaster when it debuted in 2014 (and is the ride that ranks among our top-10 best). Other notable rides include X-Flight, a wild "wing" coaster, the impulse coaster, Vertical Velocity, and the delightful wooden kiddie coaster, Little Dipper."

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I grew up going to Six Flags Great America and just took for granted that it had so many roller coasters (I figured every theme park had that many coasters). If you haven't been to Six Flags Great America it really is worth the trip, make it a part of your summer trip to Chicago, you don't need more than a day there in my opinion unless you're trying to ride every ride. I am not a huge roller coaster fan and even I love going to Great America, there is a lot more to do there than just the roller coasters!

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