If you are looking to have an incredible theme park vacation with your family in 2023 then you don't have to travel to Florida, you can stay right here in the Land of Lincoln! One of the 10 best Amusement Parks in the US to Visit in 2023 is here in Illinois, check out the details...

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According to the list of 25 Best Amusement Parks in the US to Visit in 2023 from attractionsofamerica.com, Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois is the 9th best amusement park in the US to visit this year. Six Flags Great America ranks only behind places like Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, Dollywood, and Hershey Park. What makes Six Flags Great America worthy of being this high on the list? On the site they say...

"Six Flags Great America is a mix of a water park and thrill ride amusement park for the whole family between Chicago and Milwaukee. It features 14 roller coasters, as well as 3 areas for little kids and a 20-acre water park. There are also live shows, food and even childcare options. Admission is $45 for children and $65 for adults, but they also offer a $72 season pass, which is the best deal if you plan to go more than once."

For our listeners here in the Quincy/Hannibal region who may have never traveled to the north suburbs of Chicago to go to Six Flags Great America and wonder if it is truly worth it, this site ranks Six Flags Great America ahead of Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. For more details on Six Flags Great America just click here!

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