A website ranked the states with the most Christmas spirit and when it comes to the neighboring states of Missouri and Illinois, I was shocked to find them on opposite sides of the list!

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According to the website getcenturylink.com, they put together a ranking of the states with the most Christmas spirit, and they used a number of different factors in determining which states belonged where on the list including things like Google searches, charitable donations, and even tweets! And according to their findings, Missouri ranked near the top of the list of states with the most Christmas Spirit coming in at 11th, while Illinois was at the opposite end of the list coming in at 36th. Which states were at the top? Well, New Hampshire was #1 followed by Maine and Montana, and the last place spot was filled by New York, with Mississippi, and Alabama not far behind. To see the entire list click here!

So I have lived in Illinois my whole life and I would have never ranked Illinois this low on the list of states with the most Christmas spirit! Illinois has always been a state that has embraced the Christmas season, and with cities like Chicago doing the giant Christmas Market downtown, and their famous Santa CTA train I feel like those things weren't included in the factoring into this ranking. I will say since I moved down to Quincy, IL from Chicago a couple of years ago, Missouri has blown me away with how they celebrate all the holidays, Missouri is a very proud state in that way. Do you think this website got this list right?

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