Missouri has over 100 state parks, but is it one of the best states for camping? A list has come out ranking the best states for camping in the US this year, let's examine the list and try to figure out why Missouri is ranked where it is...

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According to the list of 2023's Best States for Camping from lawnlove.com, Missouri is the 16th best state in the country for camping. Missouri finishes above states like Vermont, Oregon, and Alaska which seem like they would be great states for camping. but Missouri finishes behind states like Ohio, Arizona, and Illinois, which all seem like they would not be great states for camping...So why does Missouri fall at 16th on the list? On the site they say...

"We compared the 50 states based on 25 metrics, such as campsite access, acreage, and trails. We also considered safety, supplies, camper satisfaction, and affordability."

Missouri ranks 11th in Affordability, and 11th in Safety, but Missouri ranks a poor 37th in quality... Missouri also ranks 22nd in Access and 18th in Supplies. The top 5 states for camping are California #1 followed by Washington, Texas, Florida, and New York. The 5 worst states for camping are Mississippi, Nevada, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and dead last...North Dakota. To see the full list of rankings click here!

Personally, I think these rankings may be a little off, when I go camping my main concern isn't "supplies" or "access" I want a beautiful site, that is safe to enjoy. I love Illinois but I struggle to see how Illinois could be close to Missouri on this list, let alone be ahead of Missouri on this list, do you think this list got it right?

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