Mother's Day is right on top of us and even though we all should know mom better than most other people in our lives, what to get her often causes some degree of stress, if not panic.

There's the traditional things like flowers, and that's fine. Most moms like flowers after all. To me flowers just don't say you spent any time really thinking about your gift if that's all you get her though.  Dinner is always nice, but falls into the same category in my opinion. If you're a small child you can get away with a hand made card, but as adults we really need to do better.

For about the 15th year in a row I'll be treating my mom to my daughters dance recital. Since it's her last recital before she graduates, it will be a special and emotional one, no doubt. We'll do dinner, we'll do breakfast, we'll take my daughter somewhere to spend some quality time with grandma. Mom has to travel here from out of state after all. Still though, I feel like that's not enough. My mom doesn't need trinkets or gifts that are bought mainly to satisfy the need to check a gift off your to do list... yet it's mom, ya know? She gave me life. There should be more.

I have some serious thinking to do. I need to find something special and meaningful to her. Something that shows I actually thought about it and cared about the process.

So... another something with a cat on it is probably coming moms way. Hey, at least mom loves cats and will be perfectly happy with me taking the easy way out again.

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