Mother's Day is coming, and some moms will say all they want is to spend time with their kids and family, others (like me) just wants a few hours to themselves. Kraft is coming to the rescue.

Kraft, yes the same brand that we make for dinner about three times a week, will pay up to $100 for a babysitter on Mother's Day so moms can do whatever they want. Go to a movie, go on a date, get a pedi, anything you want to do you get to do it.

The process is simple, hire a babysitter, take the day off, send in your receipt to Kraft and they will pay up to $100 for your sitter, simple and easy. Just go to Kraft's website and follow the instructions, and you are all set to go. Kraft just wants moms out there to really get what they want (and deserve) by paying for a sitter.

So Happy Mother's Day to all of they mommies out there, and go get what you really want, a day off!

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