Mother's Day is this Sunday, and if you are needing something to do with mom there is plenty to do without spending a ton of money.

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Moms don't need much for Mother's Day. Some want time with the family, some just need a time-out and alone time, and some just want a low-key day. Here are some ways to save money and spend time with mom on Mother's Day.

  1. Go for a paddle boat ride in Moorman Lake

I'm not sure what the weather will look like on Sunday, but if it's a nice day take mom on a paddle boat ride could be a great activity for families. Paddle boat rentals are available at Moorman Lake in Moorman Park. My family and I love doing this every year, and it’s a great wat to enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in Quincy.

  1. Go for a picnic

You could have a picnic in Moorman Park right after your paddle boat ride! Don't let mom cook on Mother's Day, even if you make PB&J sandwiches she would love just not having to cook or make anything. Trust me, that's all I want.

  1. Take Mom shopping

I mean, what mom doesn't like going shopping. Shop local, or maybe you need to take the family and get out of town for a while. There are so many possibilities. If you go out of town you can make it an overnight trip for the whole family, might be something everyone needs a little break away.

  1. Send Dad and the kids out of the house

Sometimes moms just need a break! Dads, you might want to think about letting mom have some time to relax. Take the kids for the day and get out of the way, take them to the park or Scotties Fun Spot. This could be what mom wants the most, just a little peace and quiet for a few hours.

  1. Go for a Hike/Walk

There are plenty of trails and walkways to take in Quincy that the family can enjoy. Hopefully Mother Nature will be nice to us and give us a beautiful day to get out an enjoy it. If you don't like walking, do a bike ride with the family. Just spend time with mom, every moment and every memory are worth more to a mom than you can image.


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