Sunday 2:00am we officially change to Central Daylight Time (CDT). Remember - SPRING forward, FALL back.

Hulton Archive - Getty Images (look - it has four 1s!)
Hulton Archive - Getty Images (look - it has four 1s!)

I am reminded of several things:

  • "What time is it" does not make me think about time, it makes me think about The Time. Musical group from the 80's featuring Morris Day. One of their albums was "What Time Is It".
  • Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? - A hit for the group Chicago from 1970.
  • A quote from someone close to me: "Why is it that the people that show up to work an hour late when the clocks move forward, never show up an hour early when the clocks move back?"
  • The time officially changes at 2:00am. Not many of us are up at that time. Do you change your clocks before you go to bed Saturday night, or after you wake up Sunday morning?
  • Have you ever run into occasions where half of the clocks in your house (or office) are correct and the other half are incorrect (or maybe even three different times -some fell back, some sprang forward, and some stayed the same)?
  • Final thought: The hour I am spending writing this - if I were writing about falling back, I would get this hour back the next day. Since I am writing this in regards to springing forward, does that mean this blog actually cost me two hours of my time (and shouldn't I get paid double)?

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