Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time Begins, But Should It?
None of the conventional wisdom on the origins of Daylight Saving Time hold true anymore. It was never started to benefit either farmers or the train schedule. We lose sleep. And there are no energy savings. All we get are annoying reminders from some guy named Brodie on the radio (that would be me)…
Fall Back – When Does the Time Change in 2013?
Summer is wrapping up (though you wouldn't know it by the temperature!). Kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter. It seems hard to believe, but it won't be that much longer before we'll be "falling back." When exactly does the time change?
What Time Is It?
Sunday 2:00am we officially change to Central Daylight Time (CDT). Remember - SPRING forward, FALL back.
I am reminded of several things:

"What time is it" does not make me think about time, it makes me think about The Time. Musical group from the 80's featuring Morris Day

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