None of the conventional wisdom on the origins of Daylight Saving Time hold true anymore. It was never started to benefit either farmers or the train schedule. We lose sleep. We're at increased risk for car accidents and heart attacks. And there are no significant energy savings. Everyone from National Geographic to Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to even Buzzfeed have debated the merits of Daylight Saving Time, always coming down on the side of "Let's get rid of it."

As far as I'm concerned, I'm squarely Team Get Rid Of It. At best it's a minor annoyance that we don't really need in our lives. And that is the best case scenario. It's dangerous, bad for our health, and wastes more money than it saves. It's just another thing of a bygone era that we cling to for the sake of clinging to. We got rid of the Dumont Network, Dirigibles and Colin Quinn at the Weekend Update Desk, we can get rid of Daylight Saving Time. Let's get it on a ballot already!

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