Growing up in Chicago, my three sisters and I would Trick-or-Treat all over the neighborhood, getting our sacks filled with candy. When we got home and Ma would let us have a couple of pieces each. Then she would "inspect" the candy, to make sure nothing dangerous was added to it.

I always thought it funny how four large sacks of candy, after her "inspection," would end up as a not as large bowl of treats hidden in the closet, only to be brought out once in a while.

Jennifer Barrow

As a youngster, practically ANY candy was our favorite. But through the years you know which houses to avoid because they gave Smarties or, even worse, pennies. You also knew which houses to try to visit twice - the houses with the premium quality pieces (Snickers, Milky Way, Baby Ruth, etc.). The "jackpot" houses were those who had the premium candy AND served it in a big bowl for you to help yourself.

At the age of 48, I don't go Trick-or-Treating anymore, nor is my neighborhood conducive for Trick-or-Treaters. But, at the age of 48, I can walk into any grocery store and pick up any kind of candy I choose to (Reese's) without having to visit other peoples houses.

Speaking of Reese's: According to an article at, Reese's is the best candy for Halloween, based on popularity and cost per ounce.

This year for Halloween I will be dressed up as "lazy guy hanging around the house". Every once in a while I will pretend to knock on my own door, yell "TRICK-OR-TREAT", then reach into my own treat bowl and enjoy (hey - who put Smarties in my treat bowl?!?).