A few weeks ago, I told you about a recent survey that told us what our favorite candies were. Illinois had Snickers, Missouri had Hershey Kisses, and Iowa had Twix. I didn't think that was representative of us, so we put up a poll and let it run to see what our actual favorite candies were, and the results were interesting.

While I didn't break it down by state, since I wanted to know what just our area thought, and didn't think it fair to speak for the opposite sides of our respective states, we did get some good answers. Snickers is by far our favorite candy, with 32% of the vote, taking in almost double its nearest competitor. The nearest competitor? Reese's Peanut Butter cups, by write in vote at 17%, which barely edged out Twix which had 15% of the vote.

So if you still haven't picked up candy to hand out to trick 'r treaters tonight, Snickers and Reese's are the safe bet. Let's just hope there are still some in stock.