There are dozens and dozens of films that take place in the Show-Me State of Missouri, from Gone Girl to Huckleberry Finn, but which one is the best?

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Let me start by saying anytime you ask a question like "what is the best BLANK?" you are usually going to get different answers because it is an opinion-based question, and that gets especially true when you are asking a question about something like a movie. It's easy to answer the question "what is the best movie that is set in Illinois?" Blues Brothers duh, so what about the best movie set in Missouri?

According to, there are 74 movies that are considered to be "set" or "take place in" Missouri, to see the full list click here, but I have taken that list and narrowed it down to my top 5.

5. Gone Girl

4. Winter's Bone

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

2. Ernest Scared Stupid

1. Waiting for Guffman

I know, I know, I know how on Earth could I have anything ranked higher than Ernest Scared Stupid, which is pound for pound the funniest Ernest Movie ever made, BUT Christopher Guest has made a tone of great films but only 2 of them are near perfect and Waiting for Guffman is one of those two (the other is Best in Show). If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor it's hilarious, and there is nothing else quite like it. As far as the rest of the list goes it's pretty easy Gone Girl is terrific and is only below Winter's Bone because Jennifer Lawerence is a powerhouse in that movie, and you can't make a list about movies set in Missouri and not have Three Billboards in the 3rd spot on the list.

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