Some look at jury duty as an inconvenience. I look at it as not only fascinating and intriguing but a service to our county/state if we are needed. But what happens if you are summoned for jury duty in Missouri and don't show up?

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I've been through the jury selection process (and not picked) but that's as far as I've gotten to being on a jury. And to be honest, I probably will never be chosen to serve because of my media profession. But for those of us who are summoned and just seem to can't make it or just don't want to what happens?

In Missouri, you could be chard with civil contempt of court. According to,

A person who willfully fails to appear for jury service is in civil contempt of court.  The Court may issue an order directing the person to a hearing where the person would be required to show good cause for failure to appear as summoned.

The court could also issue a fine of $500 to that individual. Now, there are some reasons that you can give to get out of jury duty:

  • you've served on jury duty within the preceding 2-years
  • a nursing mother - will need a written statement from a doctor
  • If being gone too long from work would be a problem
  • If serving on a jury would become a financial hardship
  • You're a licensed healthcare worker

Qualifications of Becoming a Juror

There are some qualifications that you must meet to even be considered for jury duty. You have to be 21 or older, a US citizen, a resident of the county or city sending the summons, and have not been convicted of a crime.

So the lesson here is if you get a summons for jury duty just show up and hopefully, it's a one to two-day trial and your civic duty is done. There have been some cases nationally and locally that I would have loved to sit on the jury and be a part of. I girl can dream I guess.

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