Here we go again. Losing not only another Quincy business, but another Quincy Mall business. With Sears closing in mid-August, it brings up the question: What should the building be NOW?

Sears will soon be another empty Quincy building, joining the likes of Best Buy, MC Sports, the countless strip malls in Quincy, the soon Bergner's building, the old County Market at 30th, Ruby Tuesday, Imo's, and plenty more.

Personally, I would love to see someone buy one of these buildings and open a Skyzone trampoline park. There are many ways for kids to burn off energy, but a trampoline park would just be awesome (and lets face it, it would be fun for the parents too).

The future of the Sears building is still unknown, but it will be interesting to see what happens. The Quincy Mall does not own the Sears building, and I am not sure if they would want to buy another wing (an empty one at that). Who knows what will happen? I just hope it doesn't stay empty for long.