Everyone loves candy and at this point in the year, it's not only acceptable but rather ENCOURAGED to eat as much as you want. It's the perfect gift and we even use it as festive decorations (which we'll probably be eating later). But which Christmas candy is the most popular in the Tri-States?

Candystore.com broke down all 50 states to find out which candy is most popular during the holiday season. An estimated $1.93 billion (yes, BILLION) will be spent this year on candy alone. CRAZY!

Source: CandyStore.com

In Illinois, Jolly Ranchers are surprisingly the most popular followed by Pez and M&Ms in second and third place, respectively.

In Missouri, Starbursts take the top spot followed by Skittles and Hershey's Kisses.

Iowa is a little more conventional as M&Ms are most popular followed by Reece's Pieces and Hershey's Kisses.

Something called "Reindeer Corn" also has a big following this time of year. Apparently it's exactly like candy corn, but red, white, and green. The website also found that red and green M&Ms and Christmas Pez dispensers are the top in eight states.  Candy canes are number one in seven states.