Every year I am asked the same question:  “What do you want for your birthday?"

I never know how to answer. It’s not that I have lavish tastes, nor do I have “everything “ (I don’t). The answer is actually two-fold.

  • I rarely “ask” for things. I work hard to get the things I need, and, if there is anything left over, I’ll get something I want.
  • When it comes to thing I want (and there aren’t many), I tend to be very specific. So specific, that my wife will not get me anything for fear that I will not be satisfied with the model or brand if the item.

For example: I received a new watch for Christmas. It was a nice watch, but my old watch had several features that I depended on. The new watch did not fulfill those needs. So off to the store I went to exchange it for an exact duplicate of the old watch. At one time I expressed an interest in a burger Press. My wife told me that she would not get me one, because she is afraid that it will not be the right model or have the right features.

My mother knows to always ship a gift receipt with any presents. Last year for my birthday she sent me a Chicago Bears sweater. Great gift, but it was the wrong size, and I don’t wear sweaters. So off to the store I went to exchange the sweater something I needed at the time: a waffle iron.



This year is different. I know exactly what I want for my birthday. Since I have recently started a brand new job (Afternoons on 97.9 KICK-FM), I could use a new pair of headphones. Not just any headphones, either (I told you, I am very specific with my wants). The headphones I would like to get are the Sony MDR V-6.


Nothing else. No ties, sweaters, or singing fish. Not that I would be ungrateful if I received those items. I Just hate for  someone to go through the time, effort, and expense, for a gift that will end up in the next Palmyra City-Wide Garage Sale. I’ll look into a burger press for Christmas.

Have you received a gift that, even though it was thoughtful, was just not something that you could use (or really want)? Share your thoughts below, and remember: Sony MDR V-6. :)


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