If your Facebook feed is drowning in negativity, outrage, and idiocy like mine is, consider this your digital palate cleanser for the day.

This is ten-year-old Isaiah of Gays Mills, Wisconsin. Beaming with excitement, Isaiah is the proud new owner of that decked out six string thanks to the generosity of a musician from right here in Quincy.

While working on an apple orchard up that way, singer/songwriter Cory Hill met Isaiah during a weekend getaway. Cory noticed that young Isaiah was infatuated with his guitar.

“Every time I sat it down or walked away from it, I noticed he was staring at it in awe,” Cory says.

So, on day three and ready to depart, Cory pulled Isaiah aside.

"I asked him if he liked my guitar and he said ‘yeah, it’s my favorite instrument’,” Cory says. “So I told him ‘here, learn it, it’s yours now."

Naturally Isaiah (and his parents) were ecstatic. His parents hugged Cory and promised that Isaiah would be getting guitar lessons. And young Isaiah promised to learn a song (and probably more) by the time Cory and his friends return this time next year.

Way to go, Isaiah (and Cory)!

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