Tomorrow is 11/12/13. Great date to do something memorable, since it would be an easy date to remember.


The next time this type of date will happen is next year - 12/13/14 (which just happens to be a Saturday). Unless you count January 5, 1915 (1/5/15), the next memorable date after that will be 1/2/34 - over 20-years from now.

Some notable events that have happened on "memorable" dates:

  • 8/8/88 - The first Chicago Cubs night game at Wrigley Field
  • 7/7/77 - Styx's Grand Illusion album was released (it was their 7th album)
  • 7/8/09 - the once in a lifetime event where the time and date were sequential (12:34:56 7/8/9)
  • 10/10/10 - the day I turned 44 (which if you subtract 4 from 10 you get 6. do that twice and you get 66 - the year I was born!)

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