My birthday was this past Friday. Since I was on vacation, I did not get an opportunity to look at my Facebook pages...until now (5 days later).

Since I waited so long to look at my news feed, it has taken me close to 45-minutes to reach the area I was searching for: October 10 on my news feed. Nothing there. I did not realize that I could hit the button that says"Michael" (with my pretty little picture next to it) and see all of the greetings sent to me.

Those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday last week: thank you. I'm sorry I didn't get to see those greetings in a timely manner. Imagine if you received a bunch of birthday cards in the mail, but never emptied your mailbox. That's what happened.

Ok - now that I have been on Facebook for over an hour and a half (and got nothing else accomplished), I need to get back to work.

BTW: I only received one birthday card in the mail, and it didn't even have a stamp on it. It was wrapped inside a present shipped to me from my mom.

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